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Full Version: A.W.O.L. 1994 6 Pack
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Eddie Machete
buddy of mine sent this up to me this morning

let me know if any of you guys care for a copy.
this one is essential for you oldschool heads
my favorite out of the 3 a.w.o.l 6 packs i have

tapes are

Kenny Ken
Mickey Finn
Dr S Gachet
Darren Jay
DJ Ron
all tapes feat. M.C.G.Q. on the m-i-c
Eddie Machete
will post the cover of pack later if possible joint.gif
I have a couple of these double packs from AWOL 94. Is this the same set? Im shocked I havent added them to the Vault yet. I thought i did but i guess not. I'll try to add some soon.

Are yours from 94?
Eddie Machete
i have..
from late '93
gachet club paradise '93
fabio double from '93
finn & gachet double from '93
6 pack from early '94
mickey finn summer '94 (not in any packs)

from internet...
hype & darren jay double '93
summer 6 pack (one i mentioned above) big up elevate for the rip
last night of paradise four pack '95
randall & gachet double '93
kenny ken & randall double '93
gachet double early '93
bunch of single awol tapes i think might be labelled wrong
I'll scan the tape covers for the ones i have. I think i got a Kenny Ken & Mickey Finn, Mickey Finn & Darren Jay, and maybe one more. all with GQ. I'll post them tonight or tomorrow.
Eddie Machete
From JMJ
Eddie Machete
sorry bout the size
no the size is good. and this 1st tape cover ive never seen. The second one is the ones i have. I think i have the randall and gachet also. might be 3 double packs taht i have.
Eddie Machete
only other one small enough
last night four pack
Would love to hear some from that last pack. The AWOL tapes I've heard from the Paradise Club always have wicked vibes.
are ya gonna post these tapes or what...i want the kenny ken one that starts off with twilight zone....u know the one chris...and this is jay brinks here...havent seen u in ages chris
Hey Jason Brinks. Stop talkin shit about me on other boards.
Nice double face.
any chance we can get the gachet tape reposted?

Eddie Machete
QUOTE(Lush @ Apr 15 2008, 01:54 AM) *

any chance we can get the gachet tape reposted?


ez lush not a problem, which gachet tape you want? The one from the 6 pack??
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