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Full Version: Ruffneck & Dr. No
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Big thanks to Pukka Dawn for this one!!. Absolute classic from Toronto's past.
Dj Ruffneck live at Infinity's Lobotomy 1993. Im looking for the flyer. Hopefully have a scan soon.

Big up Pukka for contributing this gem.

AUDIO - Dj Ruffneck {A}{B} - 128kbps - 21mb - 23min - Stereo - Each

The Stereo version has odd speaker balance but you can always adjust that yourself in Winamp or something. Look for this in the Download section to get your chance to vote for a Higher Quality version.

The second recording of Dr. No at the same event will be online shortly.
Eddie Machete
sigma im having trouble breathing what should i do????????!!!
Eddie Machete
easy pukka
you n-n-n-nasty mothafucka
Eddie Machete
absolutly speechless
the both of ya should be in cuffs
rudeness allover the place
speechless man
tight lipped my gosh off the edge
joint.gif joint.gif joint.gif
Eddie Machete
sorry to post 4 in a row
but shit cant blame me
ez pukka in complete shock
sweet sweet sounds
made my night dog - big up
3 am we be rollin
till infinity
Peecee Pee
Just Made My Day
Peecee Pee
Thanks Again Boys!!
Tape Has Been Getting Nuff Play
does anyone remember if this was the party in the rollerink..ur sumethin..i remember leaving that party semi-concious with 2 girls holding me up spin.gif
what a weird night wasted.gif
wikkid choons tho...
fuckin brilliant tape.... wow! thnx pukka!
Dr. No Audio now online. uuconcertlight.gif

AUDIO - Dr. No{A}{B} - 128kbps - 21mb - 23min - Stereo - Each
Eddie Machete
QUOTE (sigma @ Aug 27 2004, 08:37 AM)
Dr. No Audio now online. uuconcertlight.gif

AUDIO - Dr. No{A}{B} - 64kbps - 10mb - 23min - Mono - Each

sweet sweet sounds
Eddie Machete
thank you much joint.gif
what side ya'll like better??

i kinda like the dr no one
Peecee Pee
The Dr. No One Is Rugged Prefered It
Awesome Fucking Styles

Ruffneck Was Wicked Too
Really Enjoyed This One
Dr. No for sure....maybe ruffneck...fuck, it's all good!!
"im on fire"
korked mushrooms
"there is things on my face"
what should i take
"take the acid man"

chemistry 1992
I got a treat for you guys when I get it transfered.
Audio Upgraded. Check the above links.
OH MAN my tape copy of this is sooo worn out.........THANK U THANK U THANK U

QUOTE (billynugz @ Jun 29 2005, 04:58 AM)
I got a treat for you guys when I get it transfered.

where is it at????
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