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Full Version: Dr. Trance Radio Hour - New Breed
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Dr. Trance had this broadcast at the end of each month in '94 called The New Breed where he showcased some of the up and coming Dj's from the Toronto rave scene. I was schedueled for one of these broadcasts and It was pretty interesting let me tell you. First of all it was pre-recorded so i had to wait the following week to listen to the show. It aired one Saturday night and it wasnt without its problems. First of all the person responsible for playing and setting up the recording fucked up large. They played a commercial and the wrong time and had to rewind my set back to the beginning lol! lots of deadair inbetween as you will see on Side A. Also I was nervous as heck and as a result none of the conversation with Don Berns played. They might of cut it due to the fuck up by the technician but im glad im sort of releaved. I dont think i said much anyways. Just one word answers like yes, and no, sure. I just blanked out. It was also very early and the morning and I had been up all last night partyin' Not only that but the bass on my recording fucked things up because it was almost as if they couldnt handle the frequency wink.gif.

Anyways, it was interesting. Check the audio. Remember, 32mins in shit gets retarded. Tape Rewind! Live lol

AUDIO {A} - 46min - 10mb {B} - 18min - 5mb - 32kbps

Click for Flyer
Eddie Machete
thats wicked
i like that
Raoul Duke
I think he said smigma.

What a Bern-out.

lol yea. hes a freak.
Raoul Duke
Pardon my ignorance but was Deko the same guy as Deko ze?
smigma wink.gif
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