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Full Version: Welcome to the Next Level
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Welcome to the Next Level
Next Junction - April 3. 1999

Held at the Highway 7 bingo hall. Don't remember too much about the night. Think it was a good event. Nice flyer. A little different for them.

inside part one:
inside part two:
jungle kid
were there tapes mad from this avent ?
I think there may be. Hard to remember!
jungle kid
Capital J and odi that had to be a sick set and J-smooth . who did Tc islam mc for He.s a sick ass mc . Seen him and odi @ at couple of koncrete jungle and stuck on earth partys in NYC seen J-smooth @ shampoo twice In philly live two hours away from bouth citys.
I think it was one of those nights were the MC's were all over the place and did not go over specific sets per se. Really having trouble trying to remember much from this night aside from hanging in the chill area for a bit.
ahh next junction, still have this flyer in my shoe box
I had so much fun at this party. The four on four was the shit. As far as scratching and getting the crowd hyped up Freaky Flow took the prize. I also would LOVE to have that tape. Anyways, the lights didn't get turned on until like 9:30am, then we found out it was the day we turn our clocks ahead, so that made it 10:30. What a night.

It was also Easter and we had to drive back to Rochester. Good memories.
I miss the bingo hall.. and the 2 years that Next Junction threw good parties.. Corey was always a little shady and alot of the parties were unorganized.. eventually it all fell apart.. what a shame.
The Bingo Hall was an incredible venue. It was out in the middle of nowhere, almost in an industrial area if I remember correctly. It really gave me a sense of what the underground parties were like.

I loved the chill out room. I spent a lot of time in there after I blazed with some friends, as I remember the jungle room was rammed.

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