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Death Starr/Next Junction - April 4. 1998

Held at the Latvian Centre. Rammed and VERY hot. Jungle was in the bottom room. During or just after SS played the emergency exit was open to let in air and it was like a smoke machine was put on. Good event.

inside part one:

jungle kid
This was one of my fave partys and My friends frist party pure old skool ss drop a nice new skool set then @ 12:00 they were droping sets evrey year back ruffneck droup a nice old hardcore set from 92 to 91 . Sick night.
shit party.....shit venue.......but mc blaze was a buzz...the girl could spitt lyrics at u steady... getdown.gif

the domink n frolic set was intense....felt like the floor was gonna bust... rockon.gif
inside part two:

QUOTE (Murk-E @ Oct 8 2004, 01:16 AM)

the domink n frolic set was intense....felt like the floor was gonna bust... rockon.gif

That was wicked. I would love to hear that set again.

I thought blaze was shit...then again aren't all american mc's shit?? oh yeah, i went there. biggrin.gif

Big up hrd cru. That set made my night. uuconcertlight.gif
Loved it. The venue itself was sick but it was beyond capacity. Once you got into a room you couldn't leave, at least for an hour. Same with the stairways. I got trapped in one for a good eight to ten minutes while someone was freaking out because they left their crystal in a bag in another room. Once I got back to the jungle room I stayed as long as I could tolerate the heat and sweat, it was so rammed. But hearing older sets especially from '93 is really sweet, it doesn't happen very often, and Blaise was in the crowd for a bit.

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