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Toxic Dominik - Pure Rotterdam Volume 2 (Side A) [1994] Dominik - Pure Rotterdam Volume 2 (Side B) [1994] Dominik - Pure Rotterdam Volume 3 (Side A) [1995] Dominik - Pure Rotterdam Volume 3 (Side B) [1995]
Eddie Machete
vol 3 is definatly my favorite dominik tape ever
The tracks are more diverse on vol. 2 but the mixing and cuts are deadly on vol.3
QUOTE(catalyst @ Mar 4 2007, 01:43 PM) *

The tracks are more diverse on vol. 2 but the mixing and cuts are deadly on vol.3

yes volume 3 by far is a great tape

hey troxic could you repost the links again....I haven't been on here in sometime and I have been searching for the pure rotterdam volumes....especially number 3

Dominik Pure Rotterdam Vol.3


01.Cyclopede - Bad Motherfucker [K.N.O.R. Records]
02. Hardcoretrancer - The Beat [K.N.O.R. Records]
03. Hyperact - House Aggression [Dwarf Records]
04. Predator - Mind Of A Lunatic [Ruffneck Records]
05. Stingray - Right Now [Dwarf Records]
06. Brothers In Crime - Out Of Sight [Dwarf Records]
07. Lockjaw - Underground Funk [Ruffneck Records]
08. Brothers In Crime - Dance (Charly Lownoise Remix) [Dwarf Records]
09. Hyperact - My Best Friend (Dirty) [Dwarf Records]
10. Brothers In Crime - 100% Crisis (Original Mix) [Dwarf Records]
11. Predator - 1-2-3-4 [Ruffneck Records]
>>> DJ Gizmo & Darkraver - Juicy Breakbeats (DJ Tool) [Dwarf Records]
12. DJ Gizmo & Darkraver - We Got The Juice (Original Mix) [Dwarf Records]
13. Cyclopede - What [K.N.O.R. Records]
14. Short Circuit - D.E.A [Rotterdam Records]
15. Paul Elstak - Kick The Remix [Rotterdam Records]
16. Drokz & DJ Tails - I'm A DJ [Dance International]
17. Lockjaw - Ruff 'N Ruggin' [Ruffneck Records]
18. Drokz & DJ Tails - Delete The Beat [Dance International]
19. The Scotchman - Get Busy Time [Dwarf Records]
20. Drokz & Tails - Rock Your Body [Dance International]
21. Diss Reaction - You Suck [Ruffneck Records]
22. The Scotchman - Asylum [Dwarf Records]
>>>> Drokz & Tails - Rock Your Body [Dance International]
23. Lockjaw - Selecta [Ruffneck Records]
24. The Scotchman - Mind Transfer [Dwarf Records]
25. Predator - We're Coming Down [Ruffneck Records]
26. Stingray - Power Of Darkness (Sonicdriver Remix) [Dwarf Records]

The END!

I thought I would try to identify tracklist's of old hardcore for anyone who is curious.

I will try to do the Vol.2 one. I recognize plenty, but there is a few. I'm stuck on because some of those "acidcore-ish" tunes sound lots alike and this tracklist is a bit more diverse than the above
, and I would like to identify as many as i can before posting a list with say half of the tracks listed.


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