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Full Version: Biggest mp3 rave archive.
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Ok I dont know how many hardcore ex ravers are on this site. But statistics say there about 500 members.
So this is what I suggest why dont we all put up all our old tapes. We can build the largest rave archive site.
What do you ex ravers say.
Please let me know if your interested.
Eddie Machete
thanks eddie for the response but I think its only you and me who search these boards.
Seems like all other members have faded away. Well hopefully we can do this with th eparticipation of more members.
I'm still kicking around here now and then =P
you interested sykick cause I know you have a bunch of sets still not up?
Iam going home this weekend, Ill post a list of tapes that I have.
Been really busy but, I have not forgotten
off hand I can say that I have a Ellis Dee and Swan E with Stevie Hyper Dee circa 94
Domink Live at 95 High, Pleasure Force 94, 95
Hard Cru tape quality is rather bad
Dj Venom from New York, drum and bass
Marcus Old Skool 94
Carl Cox 95
Dj Vortex ( torontos own)
Dj Dan syrous 2 year
and thats all that I can think of at the moment.... but there is more
Kimball Collins- Syrous...if I am correct
Dale Charles - Better Days
Minute Maid 100% pure
crazy shit ...someone just got hit by a car infront of my school.
so yeah at the moment thats all that I can remember
dale charles would be wickedto hear
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