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Full Version: Dj Dominik
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Audio contributed to the Vault by: SyKick

Dj Dominik Live @ Phuture Generations

{Side A} {Side B} - 128kbps - 26mb - 28min - Each
Nice. Nothing says good morning like rotterdam for breakfast.
Thanks rockon.gif

This was one of the best Dominik Tapes I had. Its a funny story. I went to a party at a buddies house and I brought a bunch of tapes and this was one of them. The next morning I missed my ride and had to walk like 5 hours to get home. When I got to the town were I knew some people and phoned up a friend's bro and asked if I could get a ride the rest of the way(like a 15 min car ride). I told him that I had like 5 bucks and a bunch of tapes for gas money.Anyway, we got to my house and I gave him the 5 and This set for gas. And month later he gave it back and had Labeled it for me cuz it just said Dominik 94' and thats it. Now I have no idea where it is, must of got lost in the move.

Thanks Sigma Good Memories..

yea fuckin wicked stomper tuunes!!

hardcore ruuuushin!! meditate.gif
Respect to the Dominik stompin rotterdamn beats
Just listened again. . . shaved a decade of my life! xoxo
Dom will always be my favourite hardcore dj, even though most outside of Toronto have no clue who he is, and I don't mean that as a knock, he's was just more of a DJ then a Producer ( I think I only ever heard one hardcore track of his that's his own production) and a damn good dj at that, but if it weren't for him turning me on to Rotterdam/Dutch and later UK/Scottish/French Gabber I would have had no clue who guys like Hellfish, Nasenbluten. DJ Producer, Lenny Dee, Ruffneck, Predator, Scott Brown etc were.

He really did have a style of mixing all of his own. Never heard a Dj cut back and forth between tracks like he did/does.
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