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this is a live broadcast I did back in December on Battlestationradio, split into 2 mp3s

I posted it back then but here it is again with new updated links for anyone who missed it the first time around

as always I am just selecting tunes from whatever stack of records is within reach. just throwin em in the mix fast and beatmatching on the fly. also being played very late at night so the monitor got so low it became very hard to hear.. so it's a bit sloppy in parts, but overall a nice vibe

Recoil - 4AM live part 1 ... 0:58:43 .. 26 MB

Recoil - 4AM live part 2 ... 0:40:23 .. 18.4 MB

tracklisting part 1

Tom & Jerry - Escape
? - white
RFC - Raw From China Omen mix
Photek - Don't Worry
the Bombsquad - Get Down
Mad Dog II - Seance - Jack & Phil remix
Bert & Dillinja - Lionheart
? - Junglist ?
Bert & Dillinja - Art of Noise
Dillinja - ?
Torchman - Tell Me
the Bombsquad - Black label
? - the Foot Soldier EP
the Luna C Project - Edge of Madness
International Rude Boyz - Drum Programme remix
Big Vern & Bushman - Ruffer than a Lion
Bizzy B & Daddy G - Infactuation
the House Crew - Euphoria
Underground Software - Music Maker Posse
Undercover Elephant - Commence with the B-Line Elemix

tracklisting part 2

DJ Ron - Crackman
Nookie - Shining in the Darkness
Ratty - Bells of Dawn - JJ Frost remix
DJ Nut Nut & Pure Science - the Rumble
Out of Orda - Dark Sheep
Johnny Jungle - Johnny
Rufige Kru - Rollin Like Scottie
Bizzy B - the Reel Message is Power
Inta Warriors - What Would We Do?
Dillinja - South Side
Ruff With the Smooth - Twisted Girl
4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse - Drowning in Her remix
K-Rox & DJ Monita - Smart Kid


more Recoil sets can be found here you have to register to download but it's easy

Peecee Pee
SWEET!! wow.gif
ah man nice set. If you still want to download it then register to the forum . the set is there still available the first link is broken!
big up Reinforced .. do I know you?

anyway glad you liked the sets .. I have updated the links so they should work now


Eddie Machete
joint.gif nice selection recoil
Yeha these sets are wicked bad.

Yo Liam when you gonna sell some records again? I bought a bunch from you long time ago. LOL


QUOTE (Eddie Machete @ Apr 21 2005, 08:16 AM)
joint.gif nice selection recoil

glad you guys like it .. i plan on gettin a whole batch of mixes done this week so i'll post em here when they are done.. got so many dusty old records that need to be heard

frankly I find the part 2 is sloppy in parts but whatever .. I live in a place where the sound really travels through the walls, so the later it got, I had to turn down the speakers so low I could barely hear what i was mixing at all. for the last 5 minutes of Part 2 my landlady was actually banging on m door until i finally had to stop the mix .. hehe

PS Sauce - long time no chat, man.. I am always selling tunes so drop me an email and let me know what you are after


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